Terms & Conditions

  • By subscribing to Benow Merchant Services, the merchant authorizes Benow to collect payments on their behalf from their customers; collect incentives due to merchants from Government, banks and other 3rd party players; and settle it to the merchant’s The Merchant accepts to pay the Company the applicable fee as mentioned above and abide by the terms and conditions as mentioned.
  • Merchant is required and authorized to display at his shop / place of business; a sticker, leaflet or information boards saying that the Merchant is using the BMS along with the QR Code for easy access by the Customer’s UPI
  • All dealings between the Merchant and Customer shall be subject to the usual business ethics and industry
  • Merchant agrees to indemnify the Company for any loss, damages, claims so raised on the Company by any third party, attributable to wrongful acts by the
  • Merchant shall not hold the Company responsible for any loss or damage caused to the Merchant by using the said application in any manner whatsoever and that Merchant agrees not to raise any kind of disputes of any nature whatsoever in that
  • Merchant shall not sell goods which deemed to be illegal or banned by the laws of India and shall keep all licenses required as per the local laws including the Municipal Corporation / Grampanchayat or any other governing body in connection with the licencing and carrying on business on their
  • Merchant agrees that in no manner whatsoever can the Trademarks / IPR arising out of the said software be used, copied transformed or in any manner whatsoever use the same unless authorized by the
  • Merchant agrees not to tarnish the images of the Company in any manner whatsoever and shall endeavor to provide services to the customer in the best possible
  • Once the Merchant receives an SMS that a Customer payment has been received, the Company guarantees to pay into the Merchant’s specified bank account the amount due, within 1 to 3 working days of the transaction being In case the Merchant does not receive the SMS or Notification, he should not assume that payment has been made by the customer.
  • In case of returns and disputes, the Merchant will arrive at a settlement with the Customer on the value of refund, facilitated by the Benow Once the value is agreed, the Merchant will pay the amount to Benow immediately and Benow will refund the said amount to the Customer.
  • All statutory, taxation and legal compliance as per the laws, regulations, notifications have to be done by the Merchant at his cost and expenses. VAT, Service Tax, GST, or any other levy of the Government on the goods shall be due and payable by the Merchant alone, the Company is not responsible for the
  • Merchant agrees to maintain confidentiality of all the information so shared with the Merchant by the Company in course of imparting the training or any other information which comes to the knowledge of the Merchant which is termed as Confidential by the
  • Merchant agrees, confirms and authorizes the Company to use all the Data in any manner whatsoever, including the daily sales, orders supplied, cancelled, details of goods or any other relevant data which comes to the knowledge of the Such data can be used by the Company for statistics purposes or for keeping an account of the transaction per merchants and the sales taken places through the said application.
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  • This agreement will be valid for the period one year from the date of
  • Either Party can terminate this agreement for convenience by giving 30-day written All amounts due to the Company will be collected forthwith and the service will shut down in an orderly fashion at the end of the 30-day period.
  • The Company is entitled to terminate this agreement for cause and remove the Merchant from the said application and restrain him from doing business on the said application in any manner whatsoever; in the following circumstances; a) in case of any persistent complaints from the Customers that the Merchant is not able or willing to resolve, (b) In case of unethical business standards and practice adopted by Merchant (c) where the Company comes to know of unfair/retrictive practice adopted by the Merchant including any illegal activities adopted by the Merchant.


  • Subject to the Jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai Only and Subject to Indian Laws & other local laws applicable to the State.

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