Our strategic partners play a significant role in our product and with merchant acquisition

Partners that play a significant role in our digital payments offering include


We work with some of the leading banks to enable payment acceptance through BHIM UPI, Aadhaar Pay, Bharat QR, NACH and NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

Payment Service Providers

Our payment acceptance platform is powered by industry leading gateways and wallet issuers.

Our Independent Solution Partners use Benow APIs to deliver an integrated payment platform in their respective retail point of sale application, customer portal, mobile app.

Integrating with Benow as the Digital Payment Acceptance Platform helps our partners save considerable time and cost in delivering a comprehensive payment solution embedded in their respective solutions that benefits both their merchant users and their customers. With just one set of APIs to integrate, our partners get access to QR, Payment Link and Aadhaar based payments using BHIM UPI, Aadhaar Pay, Bharat QR, NACH and NEFT/RTGS/IMPS as the payment rails. With this, the merchant users get access to a bouquet of payment options with the additional benefit of choosing their bank, gateway and wallets. This is particularly useful for merchants who have specific preferences based on pre-existing payment relationships.

Additionally, by integrating their solutions with Benow our partners get access to the latest developments in payments. We continuously add to the functionality, rails and partners that we support making Benow futureproof; and protecting earlier investments in payment platforms made by partners and merchants.

Start Integrating Benow With Your Point of Sale Application, Customer Portal, Mobile App Today:

Independent solution providers like developers of software products for the retail industry (ISVs), commerce platforms / portals / mobile apps etc that aggregate services to housing societies, educational institutions, retailers as well as households for their daily chores, healthcare needs etc can learn more about Benow and its benefits by clicking here to download our whitepaper and request our developer kit. Besides providing the developer kit we will also provide the necessary support and guidance to help deliver an award winning, integrated digital payment acceptance platform in your solution.

Merchants that would like to recommend their Point of Sale application, Customer Portal or Mobile App developer for integration with Benow can write to aubrey.corda@

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